Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation! (by Dallapage)

i can’t hear it all, but just watch. i’m crying. 


Wow!!! Absolutely amazing! Everyone needs to see this incredible story!

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:) my #1 fitness motto

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making moves: important Anon message

This really rings true for me and was a great inspiration. I came online this morning to blog about being off track and eating terrible and binging in the evenings. Help is there if you just read your Tumblr dashboard :) Thanks!



That all being said, I wanted to answer this because I feel like it’s important to whoever said it- because I know it is something many of us struggle with. So if you are the anon here ya go- and I’ll enable the reply thing so if others wanna give tips they can too- so check that out.

A binge comes from deprivation- number one I would re-evaluate your food log, you might not be eating enough. Also look at what foods you are eating, are you eating a lot of processed foods? a lot of sugar? I read somewhere once “when you eat a lot of junk, you crave even more junk” and I usually thing of that when I start eating crap. 

For example- When ever I go to wegmans in order to not go nutty on the bulk candy- i keep in mind the more i eat it the more im going to want more. Keep it simple I also once read “the first bite is the same as the last” aka, you don’t need to have 20 chocolate covered pretzles…the first 5 are just as good and you don’t need to over do it. 

As for when a binge does start happening- and you know you are binging (because lets be honest we know when we are), stop yourself. Go upstairs- brush your teeth. Go open your lap top and stalk some blogs, or mindlessly search facebook… how about this site ( itll keep you busy. 

Also binges come from something more usually (even more than calorie deprivation). They are almost always emotional. The only way to stop the binges- fix the problem. What are you upset about? Is work stressing you out? A boy (or girl)? A family problem? It could be the vicious cycle “I eat because I’m fat and I’m fat because I eat” <— sup Fat Bastard from Austin Powers- but he’s right. Think of what is going to make you happier in the long run- that bag of oreos, or being happy with yourself, your life, and your body. All in all the self and body are going to win out. 

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Oh Summer….

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One day, and you’ll be surprised, but you’ll look for excuses to run.

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I just ran my faster ever 5k! I think it is in part due to my weight loss over the past few months and in part due to my 4pm latte today!! Either way! YAY! 43:30 (RunKeeper clocked it as 43:50, it took me 20 seconds to figure out how to get it to pause when it was in horizontal mode haha) (and yeah, yeah, I know, I’m a slow runner but I love it) … If I can run a 5k in under 40 mins in July I’ll be a super happy camper! hehehehehe


I am a little nervous. I ran on Saturday and Tuesday but I haven’t ran since then and I won’t be running again until Saturday when I will be running the 5k Transplant Trot :) 

I am really, really, really excited about the Transplant Trot because it supports a super cause! 

There is a man that runs at my local Running Room who had a double lung and heart transplant! He is now a marathon runner!! He is using someone else’s heart and lungs to run mile after mile after mile. He was about to die and he held on, he pushed through, he has overcome obstacles that I can’t even imagine. He is an incredible inspiration as a runner and a human being in general! Check him out, his name is Mark Black…. I’ll post a link to his website! …. Oh and he has a book that is called Live Life from the Heart…it is the only book that I have ever sat down and read cover to cover, it is full of ideas to help you improve the way you are living your life and experience it to its fullest potential and be the best you that you can be! :) I can’t say enough good stuff about Mark Black!

So, Transplant Trot here I come!